7 methods of inspiration to fuel your creativity

As someone who writes a lot, I suffer from writer’s block from time to time, and we all know what that means. It’s when you’re lost for creative words. Or at least, that is one form of writer’s block. But for those of you that design a lot, I’m sure at some point you have suffered the design equivalent to writer’s block.

Whether you suffer from designer’s block often or just sometimes, you could probably do with more inspiration to fuel your creativity. We all have creativity within us. Creativity is like a fire, and to be inspired is like throwing wood into that fire. The flames get bigger, and it stops them from dying out.

So, what is inspiration exactly?

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Principles of good blog design

You will find more blogs on the Internet than traditional websites today. Blogs are all about pulling attention toward content and providing hubs for all kinds of information. As you browse through the seemingly endless amount of blogs you will find ones you love and others you hate. To promote better designed blogs here are a few things to keep in mind.

Start with the traditional layout structure

When blogs were created they adapted a layout structure different from the traditional one at the time. This new layout bought content to the main focus of all web pages and ensured readers would not be detracted by other elements on the page.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

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35 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

This article is an ever-changing list of some common, controversial, and often forgotten mistakes that are made in web development. Most of them will apply to any website or blog, but please keep it mind that there will be cases where these would not apply and some you may dislike.

1. Presuming the phase “If you build it, they will come” – Even if you achieve the perfect website you still have to take steps to market that site. It becomes increasingly more necessary that you take the time to put the word out about your website online and offline. If you do not take the time to brag about your site, no one will.

2. Do not blend advertisements into content – It may increase your click through rate in the short term, but when a user thinks they are clicking on an internal link and then finds out you just tricked them – most will not be coming back.

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